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A Main Florida female came home to a peculiar vanishing act. She stated her driveway went missing in the middle of the day.

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Orange Region local Amanda Brochu stated her driveway was swiped earlier in December.

” My driveway’s gone,” she stated.

The house owner isn’t exaggerating. She said a person took her driveway as she was attempting to get ready for Christmas.

What was accustomed to be a concrete piece outside of her Orlando-area home is currently a spot of dust.

Brochu said all of it started when she placed her home up for sale.

Right after, she stated, weird specialists began visiting, measuring her driveway. Her child counted 5 of them.

Brochu claimed one of these service providers informed her that a Tampa-area male identified as Andre inquired about evaluating a substitute.

Text messages provided by the contractor revealed Andre asking the contractors for a price quote and giving Brochu’s Bethesda Street address.

However, Andre ran out of town when this service provider requested an in-person meeting and then removed interaction when asked for evidence of possession.

Brochu claimed she called the authorities.

” After the cops talked to them, they called me back, and they said that he claimed it was an error; he simply got the address wrong; absolutely nothing else will take place once more,” she stated.

One week later, a picture from Brochu’s doorbell camera captured a bulldozer removing the concrete and transporting it away.

That sight even left Rocki Sanchez, Brochu’s realty agent, at a loss for words.

” Utter shock. I’ve never seen this in the past. I’ve never had this occur to myself or any person in our workplace,” stated Sanchez.

Sanchez published the scenario in a Facebook group for Realtors.

Sanchez believes Brochu is the sufferer of a fraud, yet neither lady understands what the scam is.

” I had numerous people come forward saying that they’ve seen points like this take place– whether it be driveways, roofs, paint, also outside the outside,” stated Sanchez. “So it happens more frequently than we actually see it.”

Brochu stated she had just changed the roof covering and made one more investment, and she needs the $10,000 that she’s been priced estimate to replace the concrete.

If she doesn’t fix the driveway and market the home in the next two weeks, Brochu stated, she’ll lose on the house she’s under contract to purchase down the road.

” No one’s gon na get this; this lowers the residential property currently, which simply messes it up for me and my family,” she said.

Brochu and her family members have actually established a GoFundMe website to raise money to change the driveway.

At the same time, the Orange County Constable’s Workplace continues to investigate.

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