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According to Zuo Duquan, the project leader, a piece of easy-to-move welding equipment includes a bar-shaped support frame, and a support moving mechanism is provided on the lower surface of the bar-shaped support frame. Among them, the mobile welding mechanism mainly consists of a number of fold-shaped support frames embedded on the two opposite side surfaces of the bar-shaped support frame, a pair of mutually parallel horizontal fixed plates set on the inner end surfaces of the several fold-shaped support frames, and processed on each side. A horizontal sliding groove on the inner surface of a flat fixed plate, a horizontal movable load-bearing frame arranged in a pair of horizontal sliding grooves, embedded on two opposite side surfaces of the flat portable load-bearing frame and perpendicular to the horizontal sliding groove A pair of horizontal slide rails, a welded load-bearing mobile frame arranged in a pair of horizontal slide rails, a number of vertical extrusion springs set at the inner surface edge of the welded load-bearing portable frame, and a number of vertical extrusion springs arranged on An end-face annular bearing frame, a hand-held welding gun put in the annular bearing frame, a pair of double-section support arms hingedly connected to the rear end of the upper surface of the bar-shaped support frame, and an arc-shaped shielding cover arranged on the end face of the pair of double-section support arms, An arc-shaped transparent observation layer embedded in the front end of the arc-shaped shielding cover, fixedly connected to a pair of elastic fixing straps on the upper end of the rear surface of the arc-shaped shielding cover, set on the lower surface of the strip support frame and in contact with the position of the arc-shaped shielding cover It is composed of an opposite bar-shaped suspension frame, a horizontal load-bearing round rod that runs through the bar-shaped suspension frame, and a rotating shielding cloth set on the horizontal load-bearing round rod.

Talking about the original intention of the design, Zuo Duquan said: “At work, when assembling some objects, welding operations are required to ensure the stability of the connection. Traditional welding is done manually by holding a welding gun and covering the face with one hand. The helmet has been completed, but manual hand-holding for a long time is relatively intensive. If the equipment is automatically welded, the device is large, and the cost is relatively high. To solve these problems, we designed welding equipment that is easy to move. ”

The road to scientific research is never smooth sailing. Zuo Duquan and his team also encountered many difficulties when designing this portable welding equipment. How do you achieve flexible movement of heavy welding equipment? How do we achieve the convenience of observation with a hand-held welding gun under the support frame? …These problems often trouble Zuo Duquan, “I am thinking about how to solve these difficult problems all the time.”

Hard work pays off. After long-term exploration, Zuo Duquan and his team solved the problems that troubled them. “Design a welding load-bearing movable frame that can move back and forth on a pair of horizontal slide rails in the horizontal movable load-bearing frame to adjust the welding position; at the same time, design a horizontal load-bearing frame that can move back and forth on a pair of horizontal fixed plates Horizontal movement is carried out in the inner horizontal sliding groove. During the movement, each horizontal sliding groove and the horizontal slide rail are perpendicular to each other so that the equipment can be moved to various positions more flexibly for welding.” “On the outside of the bar support frame, An annular load-bearing groove is processed on the surface, and a fluorescent warning strip is embedded in the annular load-bearing groove to improve observation convenience.” Zuo Duquan talked about this with relish, and his eyes revealed unconcealable joy.

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